Whilst crushes and you may kills a great Titan, Hange and you will Moblit brighten and rejoice regarding popularity of brand new creativity

Erwin and you will Hange imagine you to Grisha could have wanted to let humanity but was incapable of, and you may question what is in the basement out of his family in the Shiganshina

After Squad Levi escapes this new Reiss caves, it initiate seeking Rod, with Hange driving within the a wagon the help of its wounds. Hange notes that they today remember that only people of brand new Reiss bloodline are able to use the fresh Founding Titan’s true energy, and therefore or no Reiss member really does obtain the power you to they’ll be subject to the ideology of your own Basic King and will not free mankind. As it’s felt like that they can must eliminate Rod Reiss, Hange requires Historia when the she actually is really ok in it. [31]